Linebet Bangladesh: Unveiling the Excitement


In the vibrant landscape of online betting in Bangladesh, Linebet emerges as a dynamic platform, offering a thrilling experience for sports enthusiasts and casino lovers. This review delves into the key features, services, and the Linebet app, highlighting why it has become a go-to choice for many in Bangladesh.

Linebet Overview:

Aspect Details
Establishment Year 2019
Accepts BDT (Bangladeshi Taka) Yes
User Accessibility Welcomes users from Bangladesh
Supported Languages Bengali, Hindi, English
Official License Official Curacao License No. 8048/JAZ2016-053
Financial Transactions  
– Deposit/Withdrawal Methods Skrill, Neteller, Visa, Mastercard, and others
– Allowed Currencies BDT, INR, EUR, USD
– Minimum Deposit BDT 75
– Minimum Withdrawal BDT 105
– Withdrawal Processing Time Depends on the payment method, typically up to 15 minutes
Mobile Access Official Free App for Android
Welcome Bonus  
– Bonus Offer +100% Up to BDT 10,000
– Promo Code LINEBDNET
Betting Categories Sports Betting, Online Casino, Live Casino
Customer Support Live Chat, Email, Hotline
Additional Markets European handicap, correct score, run of play, etc.
Deposit Options Linebet betting shops, e-payments via WebMoney, Qiwi, etc.
Withdrawal Method Via the same method used for deposit

Linebet Key Features:

In the dynamic realm of online betting, Linebet stands out as a premier platform that caters to a vast array of interests, offering enthusiasts an unparalleled selection of sports betting options. From the pinnacle of international sports events to the heart of local leagues, Linebet ensures that users can seamlessly explore and wager on a diverse range of matches, creating an immersive and inclusive betting environment.

Linebet Types of bets:

Linebet provides an extensive range of betting options across various events, ensuring a diverse and thrilling betting experience. The platform offers a multitude of markets for specific events, including but not limited to European handicap, correct score, run of play, over/under, and team to score first. Additionally, Linebet features a comprehensive selection of markets for international games at both club and country levels.

For individual sports like cycling, golf, athletics, skiing, and more, Linebet goes beyond outright betting by offering head-to-head matchups between two selected athletes at all times.

Linebet caters to different preferences with a variety of bet types, such as:

  • Single Bet: Wagering on a single outcome.
  • Accumulator: Combining multiple selections into one bet for potentially higher returns.
  • Singles: Placing separate bets on individual selections.
  • Lucky Bet: A combination of singles, accumulators, and system bets to enhance chances of winning.
  • Chain Bet: A series of connected single bets where the winnings from one are used as the stake for the next.
  • Patent Bet: Involving seven bets on three selections: three singles, three doubles, and one treble.
  • Multibet: Placing bets on multiple outcomes within the same event.
  • Conditional Bet: Setting conditions for a bet to be valid, linking it to the outcome of a previous bet.
  • Anti-Accumulator: Betting on outcomes that are less likely to happen.
  • System Bet: Combining multiple bets to cover various possibilities.

Linebet’s diverse offerings extend to TOTO-15 and TOTO Correct Score, providing users with additional engaging and rewarding betting opportunities. Whether you’re a fan of team sports, individual competitions, or international events, Linebet aims to provide a comprehensive and enjoyable betting experience across a wide range of markets.

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Live bets

Indulge in the thrill of Linebet Live Bets, an exhilarating 24/7 experience that brings sports excitement to life. Immerse yourself in the action with over 30 markets offered for each event, allowing you to bet on every twist and turn of the game. From predicting corners to anticipating yellow cards and free kicks, Linebet Live Bets provide a dynamic and interactive platform for sports enthusiasts. Whether day or night, seize the opportunity to engage with the game like never before. Linebet Live Bets – where the pulse of sports beats around the clock, offering you a front-row seat to the excitement!”


Linebet’s sportsbook is a dynamic platform that offers a vast array of daily events, totaling over 1,000 opportunities for sports enthusiasts to engage in thrilling betting experiences. The sports coverage is extensive, encompassing a diverse range of popular sports, including: Football,Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Ice Hockey, Golf, Boxing, Handball, American Football, Hockey, Baseball, Table Tennis, Biathlon, Aussie Rules, Bandy.

In addition to these mainstream sports, Linebet caters to a wide audience by providing betting options on other sports, such as: Cricket, Snooker, Formula 1, Cycling, Ski Jumping, Curling, Floorball, Inline Hocke, Water Polo.

This extensive coverage ensures that users have the flexibility to bet on a diverse range of sporting events, whether it’s the excitement of football matches, the precision of tennis games, the intensity of basketball games, or any other sports that capture their interest. Linebet strives to deliver a comprehensive sports betting experience with a broad selection of events, making it a go-to destination for sports enthusiasts looking for varied and engaging betting opportunities.

Payment Options

Linebet offers convenient options for depositing and withdrawing funds to enhance user flexibility. Here are the details regarding deposit and withdrawal methods:

Deposit Options:

  • Topping up your account can be done at Linebet betting shops.
  • Linebet accepts electronic payments, providing options like WebMoney, Qiwi, and others for easy and secure transactions.

Withdrawal Process:

  • Winnings are disbursed through the same method that was used for making the initial deposit. This ensures a straightforward and streamlined withdrawal process.

Customer Support

  • Linebet is committed to providing excellent customer support services, available 24/7.
  • Users can contact Linebet’s customer support team
  • The platform also offers an Online Consultant service for immediate assistance.
  • For those who prefer written communication, Linebet can be reached through email. Contact details can be found in the Contacts section of the website.

Whether users have inquiries about their accounts, need assistance with transactions, or have general questions, Linebet aims to provide accessible and responsive customer support across various channels to ensure a positive user experience.

Linebet responsible gambling

Linebet is officially licensed by Curacao, holding a gaming permit with the reference number 8048/JAZ2016-053. This accreditation establishes Linebet as a credible and trustworthy betting platform for Bangladeshi gamers. The Curacao gambling license is a testament to Linebet’s commitment to providing a safe and secure sports betting environment.

To ensure the safety and security of users, Linebet employs SSL encryption for all financial transactions. The Curacao gambling license, with the number 8048/JAZ2016-053, serves as a stamp of approval, affirming that Linebet’s official website is fully authorized and adheres to industry standards. Many Bangladeshi gamers place their trust in Linebet, confident that their financial transactions are protected by robust encryption measures.


Linebet App: Elevating Your Betting Experience

Linebet App:

1. Convenient Mobile Betting: The Linebet app brings the excitement of online betting to the palm of your hand. With the app, users can place bets, explore casino games, and stay updated on live events, enhancing the convenience of mobile betting.

2. Live Streaming: The Linebet app provides live streaming of various sports events directly to users’ devices. This feature allows bettors to watch matches in real-time, making informed decisions while placing bets.

3. Secure Transactions: The app ensures the security of financial transactions, providing a safe and reliable platform for depositing and withdrawing funds.

4. Push Notifications: Users receive timely updates and notifications on match results, promotions, and other relevant information through the Linebet app, enhancing the overall user experience.

Android App Installation:

  • Visit the Website: Open your preferred mobile browser and visit the official Linebet website using the provided link.
  • Locate the Mobile App Download Link: Look for the “Mobile apps” section, marked with a smartphone symbol in the top-left corner. Click on it to proceed.
  •  Download the App: Click the “Download” button, and the .apk file will start downloading. If not, adjust your smartphone settings to allow downloads from untrusted sites and try again.
  • Install the App : Once the apk file is downloaded, either click the notification or find the file in your mobile device’s storage. Click “Install” and wait for the process to complete.
  • Launch the App: After installation, launch the Linebet app by clicking on the icon. Sign in to your existing Linebet account or create a new one by selecting the sign-up option.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully downloaded and installed the Linebet Android app, bringing the world of online betting to your fingertips.

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Linebet Login Process

Logging into your Linebet account in Bangladesh is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to access your account:

Desktop or Mobile App Login:

  1. Visit the official Linebet website using the provided link.
  2. Look for the “Log in” button, typically located in the top-right corner of the website.
  3. Click on the “Log in” button to proceed to the next step.
  4. Enter your account credentials, including your email address and password.
  5. Select the “Log in” option to complete the login process.

If you prefer using the mobile app, you can choose the option to have the app automatically log you in or allow your browser to remember your login information for convenience.

Linebet Account Verification:

  1. After successfully logging in, you may need to complete the account identity verification process. This step is crucial for withdrawals and aligns with Linebet’s Know Your Customer (KYC) privacy policy.
  2. Click on your avatar in the top-right corner to access your account settings.
  3. Navigate to the “Personal Details” tab.
  4. Ensure all required personal information is filled in accurately.
  5. Provide evidence of your identity and residency by submitting documents such as a passport, driver’s license, identity card, utility bill, or other accepted documents at Linebet Bangladesh.

Completing the verification process ensures the security of your account and compliance with Linebet’s policies. Once these steps are successfully completed, you can enjoy a secure and verified betting experience on Linebet.

Linebet registation

Linebet Affiliate Program

Linebet boasts a global network of 20,000 partners, providing compelling incentives to join their affiliate program. Participants can earn substantial rewards, with the potential to receive up to 25% commission for every referred user. Enjoy weekly payouts, take advantage of special bonus programs, and benefit from excellent support. Becoming a Linebet affiliate opens doors to lucrative opportunities, with the chance to earn an estimated 67,228 BDT per month through the platform’s well-promoted affiliate page. Joining Linebet’s affiliate program is a strategic choice for individuals seeking financial gains and robust support within the dynamic world of online betting partnerships.

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